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Tomsk, Russia

Tomsk was founded in 1604 as one of the outposts of Russian advent to Siberia populated by Mongol tribes at that time. Nowadays Tomsk is one of major Russian research and educational centers with more than 500 000 inhabitants. It hosts 6 state universities, including the oldest one in the Asian part of Russia, and 11 research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Oil extraction in the Region started in the 1960s and gas production was launched in the mid 1990s. Currently Tomsk is among the top ten Russian regions in production of oil and gas. The share of oil and gas industry in the Gross Regional Product is about 30%. Most deposits belong to two main Russian companies, namely “Rosneft” and “Gazprom”, however, foreign companies are also very active in exploration of Tomsk hydrocarbon reserves.

Combination of resource rich economy with high research and educational potential resulted in the emergence of many innovation companies servicing oil and gas industry. Some of Tomsk companies working in this area are well-known in Russia and abroad. For instance, “EleSy” ltd. produced 80% of all software used by “Transneft” piping system throughout Russia and abroad. “Siam” ltd. is one of Russian biggest innovation companies working in the field of hydrodynamic research and well diagnostics.

Tomsk may boast well-developed system of oil and gas specialists’ training. “Center of oil and gas specialists’ vocational training” was created at Tomsk Polytechnic University in collaboration with famous Scottish Heriot-Watt University to train highly qualified professionals combining engineering and managerial skills. Major Russian oil and gas producing companies have also established their educational centers in Tomsk.

One of the long-term goals of Tomsk Region development is to transform resource based economy to the one based on technology. This objective was set in the mid 1990s and one of the results of these endeavors is the creation of Tomsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Research and Innovation Type in 2005. It is the only Zone of this type in the Asian part of the country. Nokia Siemens Networks is already building its production facilities in Tomsk SEZ, where some other international companies have located their R&D departments. Tomsk is a cozy city with tolerant and open-minded people. Tomsk culture is characterized by a balanced combination of traditions and customs of indigenous peoples of Siberia, Russian settlers and representatives of numerous national diasporas (Poles, Germans, Greeks, Estonians etc). Tomsk unique wooden architecture is famous far beyond Russian borders.

Contact Information
City of Tomsk, Russia

Mr. Nikolai Nikolaychuk
Tomsk City Administration
93 Lenin Avenue
Tomsk, Siberia



7 (3822) 52-68-99



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Key contact

Mr. Alex Stukanov
Department for Int'l & Regional Links
Administration of Tomsk Oblast
6 Lenin Square, Office 416
Tomsk, Siberia



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